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Anul XV (2008), Nr. 1

The implication of the telecommunication operators’ management on the accounting system
Alina Carmen Almasan, Camelia Hategan

Today we are witness to the gradual liberalization of the telecommunication markets from all over the world, which will bring to the increase of the competitiveness on these markets. The recent liberalization of this sector in Romania forced the companies from this industry to rapidly adjust to the new conditions. Each company wishes to become the best in its industry, to obtain higher performances. Also, the accelerated rhythm of innovation represents an additional mobilization factor for the operators on this market. The organizational changes enjoin a continuous adaptation effort of management accounting to managers’ needs, knowing the fact that the management accounting main objective is to provide useful and timely information for managers, in order to support the decision making process. In this paper we wish to present the management peculiarities in a highly dynamic sector, the potential sources of competitive advantages, as well as the impact of the new context on the operators’ management and management accounting.

Keywords: telecommunication, regulation, strategies, accounting

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Contribution of shape memory alloys elements in designing underwater smart structures
Daniel Amariei, Ion Vela, Thomas Vogele, Mikhail Pushkin, José Carlos Páscoa Marques

Shape memory alloys (SMA) have generated a lot of new ideas in engineering. Application is however so far limited to clamps and springs. With respect to smart structures sensing as well as control has to be included. While sensing looks to be relatively feasible control is the big challenge. This paper describes some related a smart structure idea using SMAs and discusses the challenges which need to be solved before these ideas can be realised.

Keywords: shape memory alloys, underwater robots, actuators, artificial intelligence

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Intelligent infrastructures systems for sustainable urban environment
Daniel Amariei, Gilbert Rainer Gillich, Dan Baclesanu, Theodoros Loutas, Constantinos Angelis

Extensive research is now under way around the world to develop advanced technologies to enhance the performances of infrastructure systems. While these technological advances are incremental in nature, they will eventually lead to structures which are distinctly different from the actual infrastructure systems. These new structures will be therefore capable of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM), involving applications of electronics and smart materials, aiming to assist engineers in realizing the full benefits of structural health monitoring.

Keywords: intelligent infrastructures, shape memory alloys, vibration dampers

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The comparing analysis between network modeling module of informatics program WinQSB and Transportation module of informatics program QM
Olga Ioana Amariei, Denis Fourmaux, Constantin Dumitrescu, Raul Malos

In this paper, based on a unbalanced transportation problem, we make an comparing analysis between the modules of informatics programs WinQSB and QM, adequate solving this type of problems namely: Network Modelling module and Transportation module.

Keywords: WinQSB program, QM program, graph, analysis, module

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Using the WinQSB software in Critical Path Analysis
Olga Ioana Amariei, Denis Fourmaux, Dimitris Papageorgiou, Dan Baclesanu

In the present paper will be appealed sub modules from the PERT/CPM module of WinQSB software, adequate to solve the scheduling problems.

Keywords: CPM, PERT, critical path, normal duration, crash duration

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The managerial process of business financing
Solomia Andres

This paper presents some modalities and financing forces for business, getting out in the first place the entrepreneur ingenuity for finding these sources of financing necessary for the business success. Also get some contributions and proposals regarding the criteria’s of which the entrepreneur must be take care in choosing the financial sources, for preparing the finance pack and presenting the financing demands, which good documented, not only grows up the chances of one financing but also can lead to fix some relations on long time with financing source.

Keywords: financial sources, entrepreneur, analyses

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The business opportunities evaluation in the vision of managers and the enterprise success
Solomia Andres

The article present main criteria which must be full field buy the opportunities for becoming viable businesses, as well as the necessity of value these opportunities, getting out the main faze proposed for the evolution process of an business opportunity.

Keywords: business plan, criteria, market

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Measuring force system set-up
Cornelia Victoria Anghel, Georgios Petropoulos

In this paper, are presented the results of cutting force and torque measurements were undertaken by a 4-axis 9272 KISTLER dynamometer. The DynoWare software was used for processing of the measurements. We can conclude that the values of torque, cutting force were higher compared to dry drilling, as we expected.

Keywords: cutting force, torque measurements, dynamometer

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Statistical modeling of a considering work-piece
Cornelia Victoria Anghel, Georgios Petropoulos, Svilen Rachev

In this article are presented the stochastic predictive models for controlling properly the independent variables of the drilling operation a combined approach of statistical design and Response Surface Methodology (RSM). Cornelia Victoria Anghel, Georgios Petropoulos

Keywords: work-piece, modeling, statistical model

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Research on the nominal convergence of Romania to the Euro area
Diana Barglazan, Mihaela Vartolomei, Camelia Turcu

All the European Union (EU) member states engaged to adopt, sooner or later, the euro. In order to do so, they must accomplish the convergence criteria concerning the inflation rate, the exchange rate, the interest rate, the public deficit and the public debt. The paper analyses the situation of Romania, based on the convergence criteria. Romania accomplishes only the criteria referring to public finances, while inflation still seems to be the worst problem.

Keywords: European Union, euro, convergence criteria, nominal convergence

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Damage detection by laser vibration measurement
Elena Daniela Bîrdeanu

The technique based on the vibration analysis by scanning laser Doppler vibrometer is one of the most promising, allowing to extract also small defect and to directly correlate it to local dynamic stiffness and structural integrity. In fact, the measurement capabilities of vibrometers, such as sensitivity, accuracy and reduced intrusively, allow having a very powerful instrument in diagnostic.

Keywords: laser, vibration, detection, damage

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Management decisions based on the measurement of enterprise performance through “Earnings per share“ indicator
Victoria Bogdan, Dorina Nicoleta Popa, Cosmina Madalina Pop

Earnings per share indicator does not provide though the possibility to compare all the enterprises which compute it due to the difficulties in interpreting the differences noticed from one enterprise to another, differences which can result from the different number of shares issued by each of them and from the different categories of shares issued. The accounting policy of IASB regarding the determination and interpretation of earnings per share of the enterprise is implemented through IAS 33. The main objective of our paper has in view the description and exemplification of the computing model of the Earnings per share indicator.

Keywords: earnings per share, indicator, decision, management, performance

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Hybrid cogeneration system fueled with biogas obtained from urban sewage water
Laurentiu Calin, Adrian Irimescu

When treating urban waste water, a large quantity of sludge is produced. This sludge may by used in fermentation tanks to obtain biogas with medium to high levels of methane, which is ideal for electric energy and heat production. The aim of this paper is to develop a theoretical study regarding the use of biogas in power and heat generation modules. Biogas can be used for fueling internal combustion engines or fuel cells, which in turn generate electricity. Waste heat contained in the exhaust gas can be recovered in order to maximize efficiency. The theoretical study presented in this paper evaluates electrical and overall efficiency of a biogas production installation inside an urban waste water treatment.

Keywords: biogas, cogeneration, gas engines, fuel cells, waste water

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Theoretical and experimental estimation of the skin effect on the asynchronous machine
Cristian Paul Chioncel, Horatiu Pilsan, Petru Chioncel, Nicoleta Gillich

The paper presents an experimental method to determine the skin effect in comparison to the theoretically one and the influence on the rotor parameters of the asynchronous machine with short-circuited rotor winding.

Keywords: skin effect, method, asynchronous machine

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Solar photovoltaic monitoring system, implemented on the location Resita
Cristian Chioncel, Dieter Kohake, Petru Chioncel

This paper presents the actual state of research in the field of solar photovoltaic conversion at the «Eftimie Murgu» University Resita, for the location Resita, a location with following geographic coordinates: 450 30’ Nordic latitude and 210 59’ east longitudes. The principal monitoriesed parameters are: solar radiation, module and ambient temperature, wind direction and speed, humidity, atmospheric pressure [2], a.o., in on-line mode, recorded in a data base with the possibility to view them on the Internet; added to this, the produced energy, from different types of photovoltaic modules, is counted and injected in the public grid to persuade the quality indicators of the installation.

Keywords: solar photovoltaic, monitoring system, energy

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The parametrical design of the parts from the same technological family
Vasile Cojocaru, Dorian Nedelcu, Calin-Octavian Miclosina

The paper presents a methodology used for rapid design of part solid models for the same technological family. The parameterized models, which allow the rapid generation of a new part with other dimensions / shape, can be obtained by associating variable parameters to the dimensions or to the shape of a part. The methodology was exemplified on a flange type part. The model was design using Autodesk Inventor software and the introduction of the values for the parameters was made in two variants: directly from the Parameters dialog box of the CAD software and from MS Excel file.

Keywords: CAD, parametrical design, technological family

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Index tests performed on a Francis turbine from HPP Ruieni
Adrian Cuzmos, Cosmin Dumbrava, Constantin Viorel Câmpian, Dorian Nedelcu

Index test are a set of measurements performed on hydro units in order to determine the relative flow and the relative efficiency. This method is usually used on refurbished hydro units, before and after rehabilitation.

Keywords: Index tests, Francis turbine, hydro unit, wicket gates, relative efficiency

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Cell walls of wood, composition, structure and a few mechanical properties
Florentina Cziple, António J. Velez Marques

The objective of this paper was to investigate the effect between the chemical composition, molecular architecture and structure cell walls of wood and the mechanical properties of wood. Cell walls function as the major mechanical restraint that determines plant cell size and morphology.

Keywords: cellulose, hemicellulose, pectin, matrix polymers

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Biopolymers versus synthetic polymers
Florentina Adriana Cziple, António J. Velez Marques

This paper present an overview of important synthetic and natural polymers with emphasis on polymer structure, the chemistry of polymer formation. an introduction to polymer characterization. The biodegradation process can take place aerobically and anaerobically with or without the presence of light. These factors allow for biodegradation even in landfill conditions which are normally inconducive to any degradation. The sheeting used to make these packages differs significantly from other “degradable plastics” in the market as it does not attempt to replace the current popular materials but instead enhances them by rendering them biodegradable.

Keywords: polysaccharides, polyesters, polyamides, cutin, suberin

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The aeolian asynchronous generator
Ionel Dragomirescu, Cosmin Laurian Ungureanu

The production of the electric energy with lower costs could be realized with the help of the aeolian electric central. In these centrals we can use the squirrel cage asynchronous generators, because these machines are the most safety in function and easy exploited. This work show the function analyzing of the asynchronous generator having on involving torque depending on the square wind speed, the air-density and on the construction of the wing spiral.

Keywords: asynchronous generator, orthogonal model, transient regime, involving torque, function characteristic.

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On the changing nature of technological accumulation and innovation. From S&T to industrial R&D
Florin Frant

Traditional R&D-based technological progress which is still very much dominant in many industrial sectors ranging from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to motor vehicles, semiconductors and electronic consumer goods has been characterized by the ability to organise technological improvements along clear agreed-upon criteria and a continuous ability to evaluate progress. At the same time a crucial part of the engineering research consisted, as Richard Nelson put it, “of the ability to hold in place”: to replicate at a larger industrial scale and to imitate experiments carried out in the research laboratory environment. As a result it involved first and foremost a cumulative process of technological progress: a continuous learning from natural and deliberate experiments.

Keywords: innovation, science, technology, research and development

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Beyond the Lisbon strategy: Information tech-nologies for the sustainable knowledge society
Florin Frant

The first part of the present paper posits the emerging concept of ‘nano-bio-info-cogno convergence’ as providing a basis for a new cluster of technological innovations for human enhancement and social change in the context of modern developments in information technology. The second part of the paper reviews some deep economic and social trends that pertain to the emerging concept of a ‘Sustainable Knowledge Society’ (SKS). These trends include the nature of work, global environmental and ecological issues, education and learning, the role of services, and the nature of the welfare state. The final part of the paper is devoted to the economic implications of these new technological and socio-economic scenarios. The paper considers these matters in general terms and in terms of applied policy recommendations.

Keywords: sustainable, knowledge, society, new technologies

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Testing of the wettability during brazing
Alin Asavei, Ioan-Florin Secosan, Doina Frunzaverde, Gabriela Marginean, Waltraut Brandl, Ernst-Rainer Sievers

This paper aims to present the process of brazing using laser, with the goal of determining the wettability resulted from the brazing process. For the experimental work there was applied only one type of brasing alloy on two different zinc plated sheets. The results of the experiments carried out revealed that the quality of the zinc layer may lead to different behyaviour of the sample surface during the brazing process. Moreover, there was observed that the obtained contact angle is inversely proportional to the advancing speed of the table from the laser device.

Keywords: testing, wettability, brazing

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Vibration isolated workplace
Gilbert-Rainer Gillich, Wolfgang Ziegler, Daniel Amariei, Dan Baclesanu

The paper presents the concern of the authors to realize a vibration-isolated workstation for own use. In this mean the authors have both modelled and experimented small scale devices, usable in vibration damping and control. The theoretical models use the spring(s)-damper(s)-mass model. The results of simulations were compared whit experiments made using Ni-Ti alloys with different shapes. The used theoretical model present sufficient accuracy for practical issues. The authors concluded that: regarding the device’s shapes the best results were obtained for semi-cylindrical elements; the mass of the stiff plate and equipment placed on it has also an important role in the damping system.

Keywords: isolated workplace, shape memory alloys, dampers

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Simulation model for electrical power lines
Nicoleta Gillich, Cristian Paul Chioncel, Nicolae Teodor Cornean

The solution of simulation requires the construction of a system model composed of equivalents of the real elements, which must simulate those characteristics, which are relevant to the real behaviour. In this paper the simulation is realised by a designed network analyser represented the electrical line by a connection of three-phase ?-inductors represent units, which are symmetric, and the mutual inductive coupling between phases only.

Keywords: model, octopole, network analyser, electrical power line

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Improvement on f/# of optical entities by means of polynomial aspheric surfaces
Corina Gruescu, Renata Bodea, Ioan Nicoara

The aperture of traditional apochromatic triplets is limited to f/10…f/8. There are very few methods to increase it. The paper presents a computer – aided one. The last surface of the spherically – surfaced triplet is turned into a conic - generated one, using the interactive optimization module of software OSLO LT. The aspheric solution assures double aperture (up to f/5) and high image quality (diffraction-limited system).

Keywords: apochromatic triplet, f - number, aspheric surfaces, diffraction limited

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The optimum vibration generator for the techno-logical processes in casting bays
Codruta-Oana Hamat, Constantin Marta, Calin-Octavian Miclosina, Liviu Coman, Adrian Cuzmos

The performing of some experimental investigations caucering the application of vibrations to the technological processes in foundries has required in the first place a vibration generator. By an analysis of the existent generator types it has been established that the optimum generator for these processes is the pneumatic ball-generator. In the work the principle of functioning of this kind of generator is treated and the dimensional and functional characteristics for two realized prototypes are given.

Keywords: casting bays, generator, technological processes, vibration

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The action of variable strains on the remanent tensions
Codruta-Oana Hamat, Miclosina Calin-Octavian, Constantin Marta, Liviu Coman, Adrian Cuzmos

The paper presents some general considerations on the action of variable straines on the remanent tensions, strain cycles, stabilisation tests after welding operations and welded metallic constructions subjected to vibration.

Keywords: remanent tension, strain cycles, strains, welding operation

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KM tools and technologies that share distribute knowledge
Ileana Hauer, Antoaneta Butuza

The exponential increase in information, primarily due to the electronic capture of data and its storage in vast data warehouses, has created a demand for analyzing the large amount of data generated by today’s organizations so that enterprise can respond quickly to fast changing markets. There are various tools and technologies that can be used to share and distribute knowledge, include e-mail, groupware, data mining ,expert systems and others. The paper outlines these technologies, which dominate the technical tools for sharing knowledge from an organizations data assets and finally. The case study, an Expert System, use expert knowledge to attain highlevel decision performance in a narrow domain.

Keywords: knowledge management, technology, process, knowledge creation

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The integration of classic and Taguchi experimental design into the projection and optimization of the process parameters in the controlled laser processing of polycarbonate cogwheels
Cosmin Laurentiu Ionescu, Ioan Nicoara, Corina Gruescu

By using classic and Taguchi experimental design one can optimize the laser processing of plastic cogwheels, the experiments presented here exploring the correlation between the laser parameters and their optimal nominal values, so that the shape, dimensions and state indices of the cogwheels surface can be controlled and the economic efficiency of the process can be maximal. The method using Taguchi experimental design can be regarded as a particular application of classic experimental design. Taguchi experimental design treats in a unitary way the average and variability of the measured characteristics (the dispersion). Plastic cogwheels obtained using nonconventional technologies (CO2 laser processing) are used in particular for prototypes because of their high productivity and low costs as compared to those obtained using conventional technologies.

Keywords: laser, Taguchi, cogwheels, surface quality

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The influence of air-fuel ratio on mixture parameters in port fuel injection engines
Adrian Irimescu, Danila Iorga, Werner Hinkel, Liviu Mihon

Nowadays, research in the internal combustion engine field is focusing on detailed understanding of the processes that take place in certain parts of the aggregate, and can have a great influence on the engine’s performance and pollution levels. Such research is developed in this paper, in which using a numerical method based on the i-x air-fuel diagram, one can simulate a series of values for pressure, temperature and intake air humidity before and after mixture formation takes place in a spark ignition engine inlet port. The aim is to evaluate the final temperature of the air-fuel mixture near the inlet valve and evaluating the main factors of influence on the homogeneity of the mixture.

Keywords: air-fuel ratio, port fuel injection, heat and mass transfer, intake, temperature

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Design and execution of a test rig for studying the vibrations of a gearbox
Zoltan Korka, Ion Vela

The current trend in the construction of gearboxes, regarding the speed increase, favours the increase of the dynamic loads which are accompanying the operation of these kinds of machines. The phenomena of dynamic contact like frictions, collisions and shocks which are taking place in cinematic couples, engines and mechanisms during their movement, are generating vibrations in a wide range of frequencies.

Keywords: gearbox, dynamic contact, noise, vibration

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The structural modifications of welded grey cast irons
Cinca - Ionel Lupinca

The welding of grey irons (lamellar graphite iron) for the reshuffling of casting faults is a technical problem and a scientifical one, caused by the existence of free carbon in the structure - graphite - but also by the notching effect of the of the lamellar graphite on the matrix. This paper studies the structural modifications induced by such an operation in the structure of the experimental sample, casted from grey iron, in the adding material and, also highlights, the possibility of welding the casted pieces from grey irons.

Keywords: welding the casted pieces; oxiacetilenic cutting

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A small angle bracket with big importance at railway vehicles
Tiberiu Stefan Manescu, Gilbert Rainer Gilich, Nicusor Laurentiu Zaharia

The paper presents the importance of the angle brackets and will compare two constructive manners for the ending of the chassis for freight wagons at railway vehicles.

Keywords: angle brackets, railway, vehicles, stress

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Mobile robot command
Calin-Octavian Miclosina, Codruta-Oana Hamat, Dorian Nedelcu, Vasile Cojocaru

This article presents the components of a mobile robot assembled by modules; its mechanical, driving and command systems are described. The dedicated software and the programming manner of different tasks for the mobile robot are shown.

Keywords: mobile robot, command, mobile robot tasks

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Multi-finger centric gripper and experimental determination of prehension force
Calin-Octavian Miclosina, Ion Vela, Codruta-Oana Hamat

This article presents the kinematical scheme and the components of a centric gripper with variable number of fingers. The experimental stand and the manner of determination of the prehension force are presented.

Keywords: multi-finger centric gripper, prehension force

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Solving nonlinear equations with Mathematica
Andrea Minda, Diana Stoica, Mihaela Tomescu

The aim of this paper is to present numerical methods for solving nonlinear equations and some examples in which we find the roots of this equations using Mathematica.

Keywords: numerical methods, nonlinear equations, Mathematica

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Investigation of detection circuits for fast level detection within a SDARS diversity system
Cornel Mituletu, Ion Vela, Stefan Lindenmeier, Daniel Barié

The accurate signal level detection allows a faster antennas switching process. To achieve a stable signal level and a suitable signal variation range at the detection module output it was used a two steps processing of the detected signal. Very important is the detection period that have to be as short as possible. The detection module requests are: low-noise components, small time constants and the parasitics capacity reducing.

Keywords: signal, detection circuts, SDARDS system

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The numerical modelling of burning the liquid fuel drop performed by the finite element method
Corneliu Moroianu, Gheorghe Samoilescu

It was proposed a mathematical model for burning the liquid fuel drop in a hot oxidizing environment. The model was numerically solved by the finite element method. The droplet ignition periods were calculated as a function of ambient temperature, oxygen concentration, initial droplet diameter and activation energy.

Keywords: mathematical model, liquid, fuel drop, finite element method

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Marine engines end nitrogen oxides emissions
Corneliu Moroianu, Gheorghe Samoilescu

Current international policy initiatives by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to reduce emissions from ship propulsion systems (NOx and SOx, primarily) mark the first efforts to define a framework to address this issue. Oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions from ship engines are significant on a global level. NOx emissions participate in the formation of photochemical smog and acid rain. Marine sourced emissions have significant impact on air quality on land. The challenge is to control NOx emissions without increasing fuel consumption and smoke. Most engine manufacturers can meet the current IMO limits by engine tuning measures

Keywords: marine, engine, nitrogen oxides, emission, fuel

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A structural–functional basis for dry heat sterilization
Liliana Daniela Mosteoru, Mihai Jadaneant, Svetlana Mosteoru

Sterilization is one of the moast important method to prevent infection. This paper focuses on the most common and most safe method used for sterilization: sterilization by dry heat. The process takes place in a specially isolated oven at a certain temperature for a certain time. Sterilization by dry heat is accomplished by conduction. The possibility of adjusting sterilization temperature to high enough levels ensures the eradication of all potentially dangerous existing life forms. The purpose of this study is to present the principles and methods of sterilization, like the thermal processes that takes place during a complete cycle as well as the analysis of the thermal field in order to obtain the desired performances.

Keywords: dry heat sterilization, microorganisms, gravity convection ovens

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The geometry optimisation of a triple branch pipe using Finite Element Method
Dorian Nedelcu, Vasile Cojocaru, Calin-Octavian Miclosina

The paper presents the geometrical optimization of a triple branch pipe submitted to an internal pressure. The goal of the optimization was to determine the optimum thickness of piping and branch pipe ribs, in the condition of reaching admissible values of the stress and displacement. The resistance calculus was realized with Cosmos DesignStar software and the geometry was modeled with Microstation Modeler software.

Keywords: branch pipe, optimisation, finite element

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A Study Regarding the Performances of Trigeneration Systems
Arina Negoitescu, Adriana Tokar, Daniel Ostoia

In this paper a tri-generation system will be evaluated which is based on a cogeneration subsystem for the production of heat and power (CHP), and a Salt-Water Energy Accumulation & Transformation subsystem (SWEAT) for the production of cold. The system will be designed to produce 220V AC electricity, heat for space heating and hot tap water (about 70oC) and cold at about 10oC for air conditioning. The paper presents the modelling and simulation study of the CHP subsystem to obtain an indication of the amount and quality of heat generated by the CHP subsystem.

Keywords: trigeneration, efficiency, cooling, heat, power

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Human resource – potential factor of organiztional crisis
Mihail Cristian Negrulescu, Ionut Pandelica, Amalia Pandelica

At the level of any economic system, the change brings about the modification of the internal operating method of the relations between the actors and of the work habits. In other words, the substance (main, important) modifications can be shaped on each of the organizational dominant of the system at a structural, functional or cultural level, in which the main actor, the human resource, intends to be part of this equation of changes. In this context, significant is the role played by the main organization actors, a role which can be materialized either as a factor of innovation, prevention and even progress, or as a conflict promoting factor, which, in time, generates a state of abnormality, of crisis. That is why major importance must be allotted to the human resources at the level of each organisation, considering the progress focused on knowledge, experience, experiments, attitude, behaviour and competences, these implying factors of correction and efficient reaction for the administration of the organizational crises.

Keywords: human resource, organisation, crisis

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The experimental determination of the oil layer thickness variation from the antifriction bearings
Iulius Petrica, Dusulita Isfan

The publication presents an experimental method for determining the thickness variation of the oil layer from the antifriction bearings of Diesel engines of large power during engine operation.

Keywords: method, thickness variation, antifriction, bearings, Diesel engines

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Stress and strain of solid shafts in interference fit couplings
Pavel Petru Ponetchi, Ion Vela

Solid shaft is a common case in technical practice including interference fit couplings. Thick walled cylinders theory, which is used in interference fits computation, leads to wrong values of stress in case of solid shafts at the inner side. A numerical simulation using smaller and smaller ratios of the radii demonstrate a tendency towards stress homogeneity. Particularly along the axis of the shaft, the theory of stress under axial – symmetrical loading, analytically validates the numerical data. Practical consequences are very important as maximum admitted pressure is computed on the basis of equivalent stress. New checking formulae are proposed for interference fit couplings, containing the specific case of the solid shaft.

Keywords: stress, strain, solid shafts, interference, fit couplings

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The importance of investment decisions in project management
Cosmina Madalina Pop, Victoria Bogdan, Dorina Nicoleta Popa

The financing decision alongside with investment decision represents the core of financial management. The paper presents the main steps in realizing investment projects, the option criteria used in pre-investment analysis, the techniques of financing the investments project, but also the methods of evaluation applied in selecting the most suitable project, accordingly with company’s developlment strategy and policy.

Keywords: investment projects, financial decision, project evaluation, economcal and financial analysis

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Enterprise risk management and disclosure
Adina Popa, Nicoleta Farcane, François Fulconis, Ovidiu Megan

Our paper deals with aspects regarding risk and uncertainty. Many risk management methods are today implemented in organizations. This perspective reveals that managers are linked in different forms to the activities they are managing, depending on the conditions and levels of uncertainty they are in. Actually, these multiple levels of uncertainty lead to the conclusion that any situation in an organizational system can be classified in two different models of organizational phenomena: the organizational phenomena that are putting managers and stakeholders in conditions of risk and the organizational phenomena that are putting them in condition of uncertainty. Using content analyze in this paper we survey the disclosure level of risk management information in the annual report of top Romanian listed companies.

Keywords: decision, disclosure, risk, risk management, uncertainty

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Trends in non-financial reporting
Adina Popa

In the recent years more studies focus on the corporate disclosure, the determinants and consequences of disclosure. The mandatory disclosure of financial information was frequently integrated with non-financial information, often voluntary disclosed. The voluntary dimension of corporate disclosure involves the manifestation of free choice of the firm and its managers. In our paper we focus on the principal reporting demands that are not covered by traditional financial statements, voluntary disclosure, and how Romanian companies interested in the issue have been incorporating information about these aspects in their reporting. We also highlight the usefulness and the importance level which managers and stakeholders are giving to appreciate the non-financial performance of the Romanian listed companies they are manage or they are interested in.

Keywords: corporate reporting, non-financial information

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Some aspects concerning progrmmes targeting the utilisation of the recoverable power in Caras-Severin county
Nadia Potoceanu, Nicoleta Gillich, Nicolae Teodor Cornean

In the present, Romania aims at living up to the principles promoted by the European Union, in terms of effective power utilisation, of exploitation of clean energy sources an environment protection. As a consequence, the recoverable power sources will be granted increased interest. The paper is a presentation of the case study structured of fields micro-wind power station and solar in Caras Severin county.

Keywords: recoverable, power sources, solar-wind eqiupment

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The cost-per-product management–instrument for the efficiency increase of the
company's activity Rada Danut

A high-performance management supposes that the manager’s activity should rely on the practical and judicious performance of the product-focused, through the knowledge and study of the basic principles and notions in the field of the costs per product. For this purpose one should elaborate predictions of evolution and efficiency of costs per products, by means of analysis, planning and control.

Keywords: Cost, cost management, performance, cost budgeting, programming

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Human resources management, component of the general management of the company
Rada Danut

Initially a part of the general management, the human resources management, has differentiated and specialised itself, restraining its issues and object of study so that it has become a clear expression of the personnel policy. Consequently the HRM represents the contemporary reformulation of policies regarding the “industrial relations” and the personnel management.

Keywords: human resources, management, development, use, performance

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The importance of costs in the firm’s management process
Rada Doina

The management activity supposes complex information able to lie at the basis of decision making. The manager must be aware, most exactly and completely and also in due time, of the cost of production, using the information provided by the accounting division, a true connector between the former and the functional sectors and compartments.

Keywords: costs, calculation, management, production, expenditure

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Fuzzy controller for adjustment of oil level in the tank
Mihaela Raduca, Eugen Raduca, Aki Uyetani

Abstract. This paper presents the fuzzy controller for adjustment of oil level in the tank. Using the fuzzy controller will be maintained constant the oil level. The fuzzy controller was elaborated in MatLab and operation was simulated in SIMULINK.

Keywords: fuzzy, controller, oil tank

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Fuzzy Controller for alarm at air flow systems of generators
Mihaela Raduca, Eugen Raduca, Aki Uyetani

This paper presents the fuzzy controller for alarm at air flow systems of generators. Using the fuzzy controller for alarm than when the air flow isn’t in prescribed values will be avoiding the stator insulation destruction. The fuzzy controller was elaborated in MATLAB and operation was simulated in SIMULINK.

Keywords: fuzzy, controller, generators, alarm, air flow

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Idea management for organisational innovation
Venera Cristina Rîndasu, Ivan Mihajlovic

Modern organisations are under ever increasing competitive pressure to maintain market share, enhance product range, improve efficiency and reduce cost. The process by which organisations attain these improvements is through innovation. Over recent years, significant research has focused on the issue of managing the process of developing ideas towards eventual organisational innovations. Howeyer, the process by which these ideas are generated and effectively managed is one which currently operates in an "ad hoc" fashion.

Keywords: organisational innovation, creativity, human resource

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Researches regarding the pollution with harmonics by the frequency converters
Ioan Ruja, Florin Breaban, Ladislau Augustinov, Daniel Jurca

This paper presents a study regarding the influences produced by the tension and current superior harmonics if there are used frequency converters for variable speed action. There are also shown results recorded in different points of interest along with conclusions regarding which are the most suitable converters to be chosen in practical applications.

Keywords: static converter, PWM signals, induction motor, harmonics analysis

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Tribo-powder and electrostatic phenomenon
Gheorghe Samoilescu

The process is controlled by the electrostatic and aerodynamic factors and takes into account the powder load and mass, the external flow, as well as the air speed around the spraying cone. The value of the electric field is rather important, because it provides information on the thickness of the covering layer, on the values of the electric forces, as well as on the covering quality. The speed distribution is also important, because it influences the value of the electric field.

Keywords: electrostatic, electric field, tribo-powder

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Control engineering embraces instrumentation and alarm systems of navy
Gheorghe Samoilescu

Control engineering can be applied not only to propelling and auxiliary machinery but also to electrical installations, refrigeration, cargo handling (especially in tankers) and deck machinery, e.g. Windlass control. Opinion still vary on such matters as the relative merits of pneumatic versus electronic system and whether the control center should be in the engine room or adjacent to the navigating bridge. Arguments against the exclusion of the engineer officer from close contact with the machinery are countered by the fact that electronic systems are based on changes other than those of human response. Automated ships (UMS) operate closer to prescribed standards and therefore operate with greater efficiency. The closer control of machinery operating conditions (cooling water temperatures and pressures), permits machinery to be run at its optimum design conditions, making for fuel economy and reduced maintenance.

Keywords: control engineering, embraces instrumentation, alarm system, navy

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Economic models with discrete time. State of equilibrium
Diana Stoica, Mihaela Tomescu, Andrea Minda

In this paper is present the economic models with discrete time. An economic model is followed of numerical program in Matlab, which exemplify the state of equilibrium.

Keywords: economic model, stability, equilibrium state

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The study of the mechanical vibrations with a DAQ system
Lenuta Suciu, Iancu Tatucu, Vasile Suciu

In this paper is presented the study of the mechanical vibrations made by an elastic lamella with a new program of information collection LABVIEW. In the processing of the collected information by the collection plate of the modulus SCXI 1600 is used the described improving environment LabView, which examines the modulus used with the help of the NI-DAQmx. Using the DAQ Assistant can simplify the improvement of the application. NI recommends making some task with the help of the DAQ Assistant on using the sensories

Keywords: mechanical vibration, LabView, DAQ Assistant

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Numerical model with finite elements of the steels` thermal transfer which are submissive to the warm thermal treatments
Lenuta Suciu, Iancu Tatucu, Vasile Suciu

This paper presents the numerical model with finite elements applied to the thermic transfer`s study, to improve the technological properties of the steels submissived to the thermic treatments in industrial furnaces.

Keywords: finite element, steels, thermal transfer, treatments

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The influence oil film lubrication of the piston-cylinder dynamic
Adriana Tokar, Arina Negoitescu, Daniel Ostoia

An analytical study of the dynamics of a piston in a reciprocating engine was conducted. The equation of Reynolds and moving of piston are derived. The analysis, which incorporates a hydrodynamic lubrication model, was applied to M501 diesel engine. The results of this study indicate that piston dynamics were found to be sensitive to piston-cylinder bore clearance, location of the wrist pin and lubricant viscosity, underscoring their importance in engine design.

Keywords: oil film, lubrification, dynamic viscosity, piston ring, diesel engine

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Finite element analysis of the polyethylene pipe heating during welding with a heating plate
Adelin Tuta, Dorel Spiru Dumitriu

In this paper we present the results of a study based on the finite element method applied to end-to-end polyethylene pipe welding. In the experiment we used the ANSYS 6.1 finite element program that succeeds to accurately capture many common physical phenomena. Keywords: polyethylene pipe, end-to-end welding, heating plate

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Experimental stress analysis at railway inspection pit
Nicusor Laurentiu Zaharia

Railway inspection pits are used in railway halls. The purpose of inspection pits is to allow the working under the vehicle. Inspection pits can be found in locomotive depots, factories etc. The new design for a inspection pit in a railway hall involve tests in purpose of homologations the railway infrastructure. Before the homologation committee meeting, tests are made; after the test, a testing report is made which it will be part at homologation documents.

Keywords: strain gauges, inspection pit, Catman, stress analysis, Centipede

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