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Call for papers

The call for papers for the journal of 2020 is launched. We expect original papers, which are not published or submitted to other publications yet, preferable with an interdisciplinary content. In the year 2019 a number of 31 articles were published, with an acceptance rate of 72%.

The materials will be submitted in English language. The papers are expected to present:

  • the state of the art
  • problem formulation
  • theoretical approach
  • experiments and results
  • conclusions
The review process wil consider both language as well as scientific aspects. Our reviewers will evaluate submitted papers against the following checkpoints:

  • Relevance to the proposed topics
  • Originality
  • Significance & usefulness
  • Technical/scientific validity
  • Reference to the related literature
  • Presentation
  • Linguistic quality.

If the reviewers ask for revision of the article then the authors should make the revision and the article will be published after the reviewers acceptance.

If the reviewers reject the article then the notification will be sent to its authors.

By submitting an article to the Analele Universităţii "Eftimie Murgu", the author(s) guarantee that the manuscripts have not already been published or are submitted or planned to be submitted to other journals. A plagiarism check is performed by submission using the platform; if the article is suspicious of plagiarism the article will be rejected.

When an article is accepted the author will be required to complete a Copyright Agreement and to warrant that the article does not contain any material of a discriminating, obscene or libellous nature or infringe any existing copyright. The copyright belongs to the Publishing house. No article submission/proceesing charge is applied. No digital archiving policy is used.

Deadline for full paper submission: September 30th, 2020

A template for the paper can be downloaded here.